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April 21, 2014

3 New Webinar’s Scheduled for this Week at

Tuesday April 22nd 1pm CST: Re-THINK! The Brand Called “YOU”: Your Personal Branding Session with Donna Fedor

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What if you were what every company wanted? What if you were the perfect brand?

It’s crucial when you interview for a job to be able to distinguish yourself from every other candidate. Your part in the interview is to articulate why they should hire you. Who are they hiring? What is your character, track record, and reputation? What can they count on? Through a series of questions, they hope to get to know you.  Bottom line: they hope you are the one.

Wednesday April 23rd 2:00pm CST: LinkedIn® Boot Camp with Kathy Bernard

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If you have a LinkedIn profile, but it’s not helping you land a job, this workshop is for you!

Learn how to

* Precisely word your LinkedIn headline
* Show up as high as possible in search results
* Be found by hiring companies and recruiters
* Dramatically expand your network with the right people
* Develop and personify a winning brand that attracts others to you
* Take advantage of all LinkedIn’s free tools and resources

You CAN use LinkedIn to find, engage and attract employers! Learn how in this free workshop designed to help you Get a Job! by making the most of your LinkedIn profile and presence.


Thursday April 24th 1:00pm CST: African Americans in Business: How to Explore a Huge Trend

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African-Americans make up perhaps the fastest-growing segment of small business ownership in the U.S.  The numbers are staggering.  The most recent study by the Census Bureau found more than 1.9 million AA-owned businesses in the U.S., a figure that is up 60.5% since 2002. Among all businesses in the US, 7.1% are AA-owned, up from 5.2% in 2002.  African Americans increasingly are seeing the potential in business ownership – and FranNet wants to help towards that vision.


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New This Week at (4/14/14-4/18/14)

April 14, 2014

3 Great Webinar’s Scheduled for this Week at

Tuesday April 15th 11am CST: Finding Your Passion, Purpose and Power in Career Transition… with Donna Fedor

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One of the great discoveries you make in life is the answer to the question, “Who am I?”  One of the deepest needs of human existence is to know that our lives count for something; that our gifts and talents are being used to make a difference. Since work is so much a part of our lives, we want it to be meaningful.

Are you eager to live the life you deserve yet just don’t know where to start? Do you want to feel passion for life and use it towards your life purpose?

It’s time to stop yearning for an extraordinary life, and start living your passion, purpose and power. Stop trying to survive your day to day life and learn to direct your steps with new energy and optimism as you head into the future “you” get to choose. Being in a career transition is a perfect time to explore what’s possible for you.

Wednesday April 16th 2:00pm CST: Creating a Powerful Online Identity for Job Search with Kathy Bernard

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Want a strong online presence to get a job or further your career? The prospect can seem overwhelming if you aren’t terribly savvy on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In just 60 minutes, you will …

• Learn the basics of having an online presence — shared in an easy and informative format where you can get the answers you need.
• Discover what the core sites are where you should be in your job (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest) and explain specifically how to present yourself on each social medium.
• See how (and why!) to have a strong blog presence, including which blogging sites to choose and how to go about establishing a blog title, getting a domain name, choosing a topic, and growing an audience.


Wednesday April 16th 7:00pm CST: Business Ownership Exploration Webinar

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Stop climbing the corporate ladder – and create one! For most people, starting a business is a once-in-a-lifetime event. FranNet makes it a once-for-a-lifetime event. It is essential to utilize the best available resources effectively and get it right the first time. FranNet uses an established, proprietary process to match a person’s talents and goals with the right franchise choice.


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New This Week at (4/07/14-4/11/14)

April 7, 2014

Upcoming Webinar Schedule for this Week at

Tuesday April 8th 11am CST: Re-THINK Your Job Search with Donna Fedor

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Starting with a great question:  What Can I Still Achieve in 2014?

Are you committed to “REACHING FOR EXCELLENCE” and POWERFULLY approaching 2014?

This webinar will be LIFE CHANGING AND EMPOWERING, offering you an opportunity to have huge breakthroughs in your thinking.

It will be 90 minutes filled will BRILLIANT insights that will support you to shift your mindset wherever you may have experienced being limited in the past!

Wednesday April 9th 2:00pm CST: Transforming Your Resume with Kathy Bernard

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Ever wonder why your resume isn’t working for you? In this powerful new webinar, you will learn exactly what’s wrong in your resume and how to fix it so you can start getting real results when you apply for jobs.


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Introvert Shmintrovert…!

February 23, 2014

Up until I read this article, I had the idea that modern job search methods — especially the use of networking and social media — were tuned for extroverted people. It made sense to me that reaching out to people we don’t know and navigating lots of conversations is the domain of extroverts with the “gift of gab”.

Read: Myths about Extroverts and Introverts. I am encouraged by this article, which casts light on the misconception that the world is ready for the taking by extroverted people only.

During a job search especially, when job seekers are trying to create the best opportunities possible for themselves, it seems like the right time to “step out of ourselves” if we are uncomfortable with the idea of networking and talking to people about our value.

Extroverted or introverted, we owe it to ourselves — especially during a job search — to do the things that create the best opportunities.

If you’ve been worried that being introverted is holding you back, read this article and reset your ambitions. Your method is different, but just as effective!


In Job Transition… and now THIS??

November 11, 2013

As an IT Professional (and the Webmaster of, I’ve wanted to post this reminder again for a while. Although I am the kind of person who always hopes for the best, it does help me at times to prepare for the worst — especially dealing with the Internet.

We’re entering a holiday season, and some of us will shop online. It’s a perfect time for cyber criminals! And, in your job transition, you may be posting your name and contact information to lots of places, so you may see more junk emails and calls.

You have enough things going on right now — you don’t need to be hacked, have your life disrupted or computer filled with junk software, spyware, adware or WORSE.

Just this Monday morning, in reviewing my email from the weekend, I found dozens of attempts to hack or steal my personal information. My virus scanner found a handful of emails with viruses directly attached. Other emails that seem to come from places where I do business are BOGUS, and if I clicked the links I’d be putting myself at risk.

So, here is my reminder, and it may sound harsh, but it works.

Do not click links in ANY email from ANYBODY.

ninjaMaybe this is extreme, but I sincerely believe it is important to have a skeptical point of view about who is emailing you and why. One exception to this abundant caution is when the email relates to something you expected to receive or from someone you absolutely trust (and you know they haven’t been hacked). The fake emails floating around used to be obvious (someone with bad English wanting you to share $70,000,000USD with them). Now, fake emails are VERY WELL CRAFTED. Almost perfect forgeries.

The way to tell it’s fake is to hover your mouse over the links in the email (do not click them) and you’ll see the links go to a different site than the email says. This is called PHISHING and it’s a super duper effective way to rob people.

Instead, here is what you do: If the email is from PayPal and you have a PayPal account, you open up a web browser and go directly to PayPal and check things out. Do not be surprised when things are fine, even if an email that seems to be from PayPal says your account is in trouble.

If you do business with Wells Fargo, do NOT click the link in the email when it says you have to click to update your account information. Instead, open up a web browser, go directly to the Wells Fargo website, and sign in.

Do not give personal information over the phone to someone who calls you out of the blue, even if it sounds like a legit company.

Last Thursday, I got a call from an insurance company. The caller ID was strange (some letters in the phone number). Right away, the person asked for my name, date of birth, and social. I said, “Is there a number I can call you back at? I am not comfortable providing my private information over the phone to a person or business I do not know. ” I got a phone number, called back, and it was legit, but here is the problem:


Nice people emailing or calling out of the blue and nicely asking you for personal information is the #1 way to get hacked! We have virus scanners and technical tools that can do a lot of the security work for us, but technology can’t prevent us from making a mistake with our own behaviors and giving our information to someone with intent to use it for their own gain.

In my post today, I’m stopping just short of saying DO NOT TRUST EMAIL or PHONE CALLS or ANYONE. I am not saying that exactly. What I am saying is, don’t be the easy mark for criminals. You are busy enough in your job transition, keeping things going. Do you need more things to deal with?

Networking Tip: Look for People With Problems

September 30, 2013

After five years of reading articles about job search and career management, I can say it’s only every now and then that one pops up on my radar and really gets my attention.

  READ: How to manage your inbox so you don’t miss a life-changing opportunity

I’ll use the author’s words to summarize what I think is an outstanding attitude and job search strategy.

“…the morning of May 6, 1982…someone told me there is no shortage of work, and when the money dries up, the work piles up. I had been unemployed for months, and he suggested that rather than look for jobs, I look for people with problems and try to figure out how to solve them…. Since that day in 1982 I have never had to look at a job ad to find a job. Instead, I go out of my way to find people with problems.”

What I find so interesting is the approach of taking action. In this case, as we’re building our job search network, it’s a reminder to think about the people we’re connecting with, who they are and what they need and not just can offer us.

A wise career thinker has reminded me several times that nobody really cares about our careers except us and maybe close family or friends. But, it’s up to US to take steps and do the things that will create our opportunities and make a difference in our lives.


It’s OK To Want or Need Help During Job Transition

July 29, 2013

As a do-it-yourself type person, I like the idea of being independent and self-reliant. Especially when money is tight, I like to have the feeling that I can move things forward on my own.

However — unlike the old bike that I have half-way fixed, sitting in my garage — doing a job search is something that I can’t let wait. When money is tight, it’s hard to think about finding or paying for help, but if that help shortens time in job transition or gets that critical promotion, it is an investment worth considering.

The phrase “Time is money” sure rings true during job transition, when little or even no money is coming in.

Are you getting hired as fast as you think you should? No? Sometimes, things gotta change. Here are three signs that your job search may need you to step it up and get some more help:

1. You’re Not Satisfied – you want better for yourself than the current

2. You Care What People Think – you want people to understand your value better

3. You’re Ready To Do The Work – you realize you may be able to work smarter

For an explanation of these three signs, read the full article here.



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