Thanks Vista

Today, jobless claims soared to a 26-year high. So, it should come as little surprise that Microsoft is slashing 5000 jobs over the next year and a half. And yet, surprising it is. Because this is Microsoft. It’s a powerhouse. It’s the Colossus. Granted, Apple posted a larger than expected profit recently (which is usually bad news for Microsoft) and there was that disastrous release of Vista (yeah, they can spin it any way they want…however improved Vista is now, its rushed release crippled the operating system forever).

But still…. sobering news. Luckily, people who have been laid off from any job have hope: New jobs! The economy may be dismal, but it’s nothing to panic about, because there are always new jobs.

In that spirit, those who have lost their jobs should proceed to, as they’ve got some great advice not only on how to cope with the immediate loss, but how to plan for the future.


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