Job Security

Culled from Fortune’s best 100 places to work of 2009, CNN released a report about 9 businesses that have never–ever!–in their history, issued layoffs. The quick list: Nugget Market, Devon Energy, Aflac, QuikTrip, The Container Store, NuStar Energy, Stew Leonard’s, Scottrade, and Publix Super Markets. And while it might be nice to work for any of these companies (send in your resume!), that might be geographically impossible for many people. But why not look at these companies (who doesn’t love some research?) and discover what can be learned and applied to your own job search.

For example, nearly all the companies are privately held. Nearly all the companies deal with food or energy. Again, not all, but food and energy are universal–everyone needs them no matter what the economy is like–and privately run businesses tend to be somewhat more compassionate when it comes to layoffs.

That said, all of these businesses have open lines of communication between employer and employees. And all fo these businesses seem to understand that, in the words of Aflac founders John, Paul, and Bill Amos: “If we take care of the employees, the employees will take care of the business.”

You would not be remiss to look for such a climate when finding your new job.

Source: CNN Money

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