Fingers crossed

Tonight, President Obama will be giving a joint address to Congress. It’s essentially the state of the union, but not officially (because of the inaguration….yeah, just trust me on this, okay?). And according to CNN, his speech in its current state is looking to run about an hour long. My hope is that President Obama will be able to provide some much needed direction and reassurance. Especially when, as for yesterday, the best economic news I’ve seen has been that U.S. Airways is going to stop charging for sodas in coach.

Doesn’t exactly knock my socks off.

So, I highly recommend watching the address, no matter your political affiliations. Truth be told, I’m glad the President is doing this. There are a lot of scared, uneasy people out there. And I’m glad that the administration is trying to assuage those fears. Now, if only we can find a way to let him.

Fingers crossed.

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