The glass half full

In President Obama’s address last night, there was thankfully and noticeably a much more optimistic tone to his words. Without trying to get personally invested here, I do want to say that I think it was a great speech and one very capably and effectively delivered. His speech is still available at most of the Cable News websites–as is the requisite commentary that goes with it.

But what did this speech do for you? What did it do for the average Joe or Jane?

Well, whether you liked the speech or you were throwing your remote at the screen, what the address did was set the agenda for the coming year. Democrats know what to look forward to, Republicans know what to fight against and everyone knows where the battle lines will be. And you, as a (potentially unemployed) citizen, have a responsibility to look at President Obama’s proposals and say: What’s going to help me the most? What do I care about? What’s going to help me find a job?

Then tell Congress. Tell them loudly and boldly, and make them listen. Because that’s their job.

President Obama’s address amounts to  a map, but it’s up to everyone in the country to find a route to Prosperity Road.

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