Ah, the irony

Well, in the irony to end all ironies, it seems I lost my job yesterday. Obviously, not the job writing this blog, but the main day job. My main source of income, that’s gone. And I found myself thinking about ilostmyjob.com and about all those articles that tell you not to panic and look for the silver lining, and I discovered that they are incredibly, incredibly right.

I’ll be blogging about current events, as well as tidbits that I discover about finding a new job along the way, passing along sage advice (or at least useful advice) as I go.

The first useful advice I discovered is this: Don’t do anything on the first day. My first instinct was to write as many e. mails and make as many phone calls as I could. But I noticed that I left sentences out of e. mails or didn’t speak clearly and really was simply not representing myself as best I could. And it was because I was far too emotional about it. It’s so much better in the morning, after you’ve slept on it, and then you can get to work looking for…work.

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