26 Years

The government reported this morning that the GDP–the Gross Domestic Product, by which we measure our productivity and prosperity as a nation–hit a 26 year low. It’s no surprise, then, that unemployment is at a 26 year high. Except the market to react poorly to this news. It means it might be worth staying away from jobs in the financial sector (unless you know them to be very secure). It also might mean, as I am the eternal optimist, that we’re getting pretty close to the bottom here.

That said, make sure your unemployment insurance is in place, make sure you’re taking care of yourself and paying off your credit cards. Yesterday, my credit card company upped my APR from 6% to 26%. These people aren’t messing around anymore, and they’re coming for your money–give them as little leverage as possible.

Again, let’s make sure you’re finding a job, taking care of yourself, and lasting until (not very long now, hopefully) this thing turns around.

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