Green Jobs

I think when one loses his job, there is a great deal of stress, sorrow, and downright panic. And, generally for some people, it’s something to be avoided at all costs. But I’m beginning to think of my own layoff as something of a blessing. Okay, maybe blessing is a bit strong, but certainly a fortunate turn of events, because now I can go back and get my Master’s Degree, something I’ve been itching to do for a number of years now. A lot of the jobs lost have been in the areas of manufacturing and construction–areas that had limited room for growth anyway.

So, now’s the time to retrain for one of those fancy “green jobs.” And, in most cases, it won’t take getting a four year college degree like some people fear. In fact, often you need only an Associates Degree (which can be obtained in two years) or some other form of certificate. I’ve found that is a great resource for this, providing not only information, but job postings as well.

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