It’s not a game.

It’s all over the internet anyway, so I’m going to talk about last night’s episode of the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. First of all, I should confess, I’ve watched countless episodes of the Daily Show and no episodes of Mad Money with Jim Cramer. That said, Stewart, in this interview expressed in a very open and honest way, the outrage Americans feel towards the financial meltdown. Because while, yes, the public did its part in digging its own grave through credit card debt and buying homes they knew they couldn’t afford, a corrupt few on Wall Street took advantage of it. And exacerbated it.

Stewart’s beef with CNBC was in not calling this out. In that they knew about it–knew about the ways people were artificially inflating the markets–and did nothing.

Anyway, it’s something I think everyone should see for themselves. So go to the Daily Show’s website.

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