When Facebook screws you over.

I’m tempted today to talk about the AIG bonuses. But what is there to say that hasn’t already been said. If you look up “evil” in the dictionary, it’s likely you’d come across a picture of AIG. But what more can be said about it without beating a dead cow? So, on we go.

Today, I’m talking about one way in which you could screw yourself over. And it all has to do with your Facebook account (or Twitter, MySpace, etc.) I read more and more stories about this on the various news websites: Someone calls their job “boring” or talk about how it “sucks” on their networking site, and they are let go the next day. And while at first you might have a little sympathy for those people and think about their “free speech” rights (which don’t apply), what you and everyone else has to keep in mind is that the internet is public. Which  means that anyone can view it, even on private pages (you can’t really trust how private they are). And, what’s more, it’s there forever.

So, all of you college students posting pictures of yourself drunk and pantsing your friends–please note, any potential employers will probably take a peek at your Facebook page. And in this very tough economy where it’s very difficult to get hired for any job, that’s just something you don’t need.

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