Kindle is key to building a fire…

Amazon’s sales have surged by 18%–a huge amount for an ecnomy as stagnant as this one. And it’s being led mostly by its new Kindle. The Kindle is essentially an iPod for books and newspapers. It lets you download reading material and take it anywhere you go. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of electronic reading machines–I prefer the feel of a book in my hand, the look of it on a shelf. But aparently, I’m fairly alone in this. Might not be a bad idea to check out Amazon’s career page.


  1. That is trure, you might be alone on this, but you give me rthe feeling that you will change your mind soon, the kindle is really cool, i don’t have one, but i am planning on getting on.

  2. I got an iPhone 3 months ago, and it has revolutionized my daily life… I used to have a Palm Treo smartphone, which did a lot of the same stuff, but not as smoothly or quickly. Now, I can email, schedule appointments, chat, and browse from pretty much anywhere — I’m more effective on the go, meaning I am not shackled to my PC any more!

  3. The kindle 2 is pretty cool. It saves trees since you can put thousands of books on one kindle, then delete when you’re done without recycling or trying to sell a book.

    I really think one day they’ll replace college books, and books in all classrooms. Our children will be very technologically advanced, and we need us sum smart kids… 😉

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