Going small…

Ford is converting one of its truck factories to produce small, electric cars. The cost? A mere $550 million. The plan is to produce the Ford Fusion Hybrid there during the year of 2010, following in 2011 by the creation of the an electric Ford Fusion. The current Fusion Hybrid gets roughly 1440 miles per tank of gas, which is no small feat.

Ford’s plan is indicitive of a couple of things. First of all, Ford is substantially more healthy as a company than GM or (obviously) Chrysler. This is not to say that Ford has had it easy–their profits have taken a hit in the economic recession, just like everybody else’s. But their plan shows that when you aren’t mired in bankruptcy proceedings, like Chrysler, or completely inept, like GM, you can really get some work done, make some changes, and keep your company alive.

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