Dealing with stress and anxiety when you have lost your job…

It’s a fact… no matter how many people reassure you that everything is going to be OK, losing your job will create an amazing amount of stress and anxiety in your life.  From the moment you get the news, until the time that you secure the next position you will be stressed and have a great deal of anxiety.

I am not going to try and “candy-coat” this reality…believe me…I’ve been through it personally and it is, quite frankly, the most frustrating and difficult feeling of helplessness that you may ever experience.

But I can also assure you that it is not the end of the world!  There is an old quote that really got me through some tough times, and I am sure you have heard this at some point in your life… 

“What does not kill you, will only make you stronger.”

I know…sounds a little cliché, right?  But how true this is!

There is another quote from my longtime friend John Spence ( that I have pinned to my bulletin board at my desk at home.  It reads:

“No one can make you feel Depressed, Anxious, Stressed, Frustrated, sad or Angry…

Unless you give them permission…

I am sure that when you became unemployed, you were all of the above (and probably many more) and you attributed this to the actions of others.  I can assure you that you need to let go and take control of your own feelings.  In essence… STOP giving people permission to allow you to feel these self-destructive emotions.

To help you “take control of your feelings”, especially in the areas of stress and anxiety related to job loss and the job-search frustration in this economy, I invite you to read the following blog:

Take some tome to work through the steps that John discusses.  Engage your family in this discussion as well.  I am sure that the stress and anxiety you feel is not yours alone… it is affecting your entire family.

There might not be much that you feel you can control right now.  But there is one area that you have 100% control over at all times…your reaction to how you deal with stress and anxiety.  The quicker your realize this and take back control, the sooner you will start to feel much better…

Take a few minutes to visit John’s blog at  Lots of good stuff!  You can even get it emailed to you!


Robert Shindell
The Career Doctor

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