Focusing on the positive…

How incredibly difficult is it to focus on the positive when all you hear is “doom and gloom” news about the job market and the economy?

Well CNN recently did a story on this .  I highly encourage you to check it out…

The article makes one very good point. It states that “…about 40 to 50 percent of successful job applicants have changed industries to get work…”

As a job seeker you need to keep this in mind.  Most likely, once you found out that you were unemployed (as I did) you went right back to applying for the same type of position in the same industry.  By focusing on your “transferrable skill set” you have the ability to apply for positions outside of your current (or most previous) industry.

Although the industry you previously worked in may have been devastated by the country’s current economic woes, there are still many industries out there that are doing quite well and looking for good people.

So take off those blinders and look outside your comfort zone!  Switching industries might just be the key you have been looking for…

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