Stimulus taking effect…slowly…

According to the White House (okay, according to CNN, according to the White House…) the recently passed Stimulus Package (more properly known as the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) will create or save 750,000 jobs by August. Unfortunately, it is not known where these jobs will be created. It may even be that more jobs than estimated will be created or saved, as the estimate is based on an average $92,000 per job created by the government.

What this means is that it might be prudent to look at which sectors the stimulus package is aiming to bolster, and compare that to your own experience. Keep an eye for jobs especially in the environmental fields and the so-called “green” fields. If you have experience winterizing homes or making them more energy efficient, keep a lookout for jobs in those areas–because they’re coming.

But also keep in mind that it’s looking like the bulk of the Stimulus won’t start to take effect until 2010, and will keep working into 2012. This is mostly because the jobs sector tends to lag behind everything else, and companies are very nervous about investing in anything, much less human resources, until the financial sector starts looking more upbeat.

This is actually a good thing. It means we won’t have a sudden 3 or 4 percent drop in unemployment when the Stimulus Bill expires. It will be spread out more evenly, allowing our economy to actually handle it. Which is good.

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