Companies hire as they fire…

Finally… Something positive!  It may seem that all we hear about are layoffs, it’s important to remember that some companies are still hiring.  They just might be doing so in a different area of their business.  Hiring freezes that we hear about on the news do not necessarily mean that a company is not hiring…it just means that they are trying to maintain headcount.  

The following is a great article in the Wall Street Journal!  Please read…

This is a good reminder for all job seekers to remain focused on searching within companies for different types of positions in order to utilize those “transferable skills”.   As companies change their focus and eliminate jobs in one area, they usually add jobs in another area.  For example, the article states:

“… AT&T this year plans to cut 12,000 employees, or 4% of its work force, including technicians and installers from its traditional wireline business. But it’s adding 3,000 workers in its growing wireless, Internet and television units. The changes reflect “shifts taking place in the industry,” says spokesman Michael Coe.”

You have got to be ready for these “shifts” by highlighting your ability to adapt to the changing environment. 

If you are a job seeker, make sure that you are highlighting your transferable skills at the top of your resume.  Many large employers utilize technology that scans your resume into their system and it will “look” for certain keywords.  Make sure that you are reading the position description that you are applying for and customizing your resume specifically for that position. 

By making sure that you have the right keywords in your resume could be the difference between getting an interview and having your resume end up in the circular file.

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