Your web presence…

Another good article from the WSJ:

With more and more employers screening applicants using search engines and social networking sites, it is vitally important that you take ownership of your presence on the Internet.  I think that this article gives some great tips on getting started with these types of sites.

Even if you are already managing your presence on-line through, facebook, twitter, etc., it is also important for you to know what is out there on the net about you…

For example, remember those pictures from college that your roommate loaded onto their facebook page and “tagged” you?  Yes, they brought a good laugh as you reminisced about your carefree college days.  But guess what…employers are looking at them too! 

A great service that you can look into to really identify what information is out there about you can be found at:

They have a couple of products that can be very helpful for you to determine what is out there that employers might see.  I HIGHLY suggest investing in the MyEdge product if you know that there are things out there that can be detrimental to your job search.  For example, if when you Google your name there are news articles or blog postings that are not positive, MyEdge can help you to “push” them off the front page.

Just remember… The Internet can be a blessing or a curse when it comes to job seekers.  Don’t leave your future to chance…

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