Remember AOL?

Well, it turns out, a lot of people still use AOL. It’s nowhere near what it used to be, when dial-up was at its prime, but there are a still a significant number of subscribers. When Time Warner merged with AOL (again, back in 2001, the heydey of dial-up), it was generally seen as the look of things to come–the new media and the old media, married, and each the better for it. Granted, when DSL and Broadband came around, AOL really couldn’t compete with that.

Which probably influenced Time Warner’s decision, announced today, to split Time Warner AOL back into their own individual companies. According to reps, this will actually make both Time Warner and AOL more competative, especially the AOL half, which will better be able to boost advertising. That said, AOL feels very stagnant to me, and I can’t remember hearing much about the company introducing any innovations in, well, about eight years.

In other news, GM is inching closer to bankruptcy (mostly because of shareholders unwilling to make concessions). This is a story to watch, and could effect a lot of people, so keep an eye on this one.

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