Resume 2.0: Dumbing it down…

The New Résumé: Dumb and Dumber – Job Seekers Play Down Their Credentials to Avoid Looking Overqualified

Another great article from WSJ!

Unfortunately, this trend is most likely to continue.  Years of experience, in the eyes of a potential employer equates to higher salary.  So, if they can get someone who matches the skill set needed, that has less years of experience, most likely they will go with that candidate in order to reduce payroll.  It’s a sad situation, but it occurs everyday.  I always find it hard to believe that someone can be “over-qualified” for any job.  I mean… if you are qualified…you’re qualified.  If you are “over-qualified” are you not still “qualified” for the position?

I do like the idea of slimming down the resume.  I review resumes everyday and most of them look like a “career obituary” rather than a marketing piece that highlights the individuals accomplishments and potential.  Try moving your resume to a functional style that stresses transferable skills instead of past job titles and accomplishments. 

It is not that your full resume/CV is not important, but it could scare off potential employers.  I have sat in search committee meetings for years and heard people say things like… “She’s over-qualified so she probably won’t be here very long” or “He has too much experience and we will never keep him in the position very long.”

My response to these statements… “So you want to hire someone who is not as talented who will be here forever?” 

The reality is that this job market is much different than past years.  As a job seeker, you are going to need to approach “how” you present yourself to a potential employer.  Sometimes it might be best to do what you need to do to get your foot in the door, then surprise them later with your talent gained through experience!

Robert Shindell ‘ s Career Doctor

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