If you need a job…

Wal-Mart is hiring roughly 22,000 people–or, rather, adding 22,000 jobs. Yes, Wal-Mart, once the bane of suburban activists, is going to enable roughly 20,000 people to keep putting food on the dinner table. In fact, Wal-Mart has fared the recession very well, due to their ability to offer low pricing. In the same way that Campbell’s soup flourishes during economic down times, so too does Wal-Mart.

To be fair, Wal-Mart added 33,000 jobs last year. And most of these jobs are probably going to be your typical Wal-Mart cashier job. Probably not the end of your career totem pole, not your dream job. But if your unemployment is running out and you need a job in a hurry, it might not be a bad option.

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