Jobs in North Dakota….

Yup. You read that right. North Dakota has managed to avoid, pretty much all together, the Recession. They have a 4.1% unemployment rate, and they’ve even taken to hiring from out of state. Granted, it hasn’t been completely immune to the Recession, and there have been some slips in employment here and there. North Dakotans tout their even-keel nature for their current success. They don’t have the ups or the downs that places like, oh, say, California may experience. And while North Dakota doing well may not really help you all that much, it does bring up a good point: There are times when relocation may actually be the best option for you. The main website has some really good articles about this, because some times the job market in your field is simply irrisistable in some other part of the country. You just have to decide to go for it.

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