Must be taking their vitamins…

Fortune has posted a list of the 100 fastest growing companies (world-wide, I believe). It’s worth checking out, if only to get an idea of what kind of companies are doing well in the recession–and yes, there are some. Granted, the rate at which a company grows can be something of a red herring when it comes to gaging the health of that company. But the list is very useful for deciphering trends in the current job market. Growing companies require a growing workforce.

One other bit of interesting news over the weekend. Toyota has passed up GM at the top of the Cash for Clunkers hill. Which means that we’re stimulating the Japanese company more than the American company. Granted, that Japanese company employs a great deal of American employees (to the point where such distinctions are beginning to become moot–both companies are more global than national). But it should give pundits on both sides even more to argue about (assuming the healthcare debate starts to settle down…I know, big assumption).

But, it’s a good time to be any kind of car dealer, because cars are moving off your lot. In fact, it’s a good bet at least one car company will be one of the “100 fastest growing companies” of next year, if only because the last couple years have been incredibly lousy across the board for the auto industry.

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