Last night, President Obama gave an address to the joint houses of Congress. It’s something that every American should be aware of, because it has a high degree of probability of impacting you. It seems like most of this impact will be good, some of it, for a few, may be bad; either way, you should start planning now. Look at what’s in the plan, the details the president outlined last night, and decide on your best course of action now. It’s looking like the plan may require Americans to have health insurance (though certainly not at the prices being offered now); is this something that fits in your budget? If you can make these assessments now, it will help you down the road.

To be sure, most of the changes will not go into effect for a number of years, so there’s certainly no cause for alarm or panic. Rather, take the time to be an informed citizen and look at what’s on the horizon. Like I said, most of it will be good, especially for the people on this site who have been laid off and are looking for work. But either way, don’t let it sneak up on you.

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