Are you a “Natural” fit for the career you have chosen?

I invite you to read the following article by Peter Weddle:

If you are unemployed, think back to the job that you just left.  Was it a “natural” fit, as Mr. Weddle describes in his article?  If not, this is a perfect time to identify your “natural” fit and move forward in a direction that will allow you to tap into your “inner champion”.

The one question that you are probably asking at this point is:  “So how can I identify my Natural”?

Most likely, you already know the answer to this question.  It lies where your knowledge, skills and abilities intersect with your passion.  So, it is a pretty simple equation – KSA/P.  Most people developed knowledge and skills though formal education or training and chose to go in this direction based on certain abilities that you have.  But the key question here is “Do these intersect with my passion?”

I am reminded of a story that I saw on ESPN of a standout high school basketball star from Delaware.  She was tauted by the media as the “Michael Jordan” of women’s basketball.  She had it all: speed, agility, ball handling skills, she could shoot from anywhere on the court and she was an amazing defender.  She signed to play at the University of Connecticut thus assuring their dynasty in the domination of women’s basketball.  After less than three weeks on campus and playing with the team she walked away from the game that she had been so dominant.

Why would someone do this?  She was a lock for the USA Olympic Team and probably would have been a big part of several national championship teams.  The answer is simple.  Basketball, despite her knowledge, skills and abilities of the game, was not her passion.  I consider her one of the lucky ones.  She knew that the direction that she was going would not and could not tap into her “Natural”.  She made a choice to follow her passion of working with children with special needs.

So where is she today?  Well, things turned out OK for her.  She returned to her home in Delaware and “walked on” to the University of Delaware volleyball team.  She is majoring in human development with a  specialty in special needs children, and with her less demanding schedule, volunteers her time working with children and adults with disabilities, including her older sister.

She found her “Natural”.  Have you?

Robert Shindell’s Career Dr.

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