Career Doctor Update

For many people who simply visit the blog or follow us on a social networking site you may not know about the career doctor.  He is our resident career expert for any of you out there looking for tips, advice, suggestions or feedback.  He speaks from experience & knowledge.

He helps people apply for jobs, gives interview tips, suggestions for decisions about which jobs to take, potential moves in the career, budgeting and more…

When you have a serious question or need a second set of eyes, you should consult with him.  His videos can answer questions we receive on this blog, our twitter, facebook group or email.  Please feel free to drop a line to the Career Doctor.  He is our go-to-guy for all career questions.

His recent topics include Hiring Mangers top skills for hiring and creating an action PLAN for job search. He is launching a new video series to give in-depth job search techniques with a internationally know Sales Specialist who will improve how you market your skills.

Details are coming soon.  We will be sure to announce it through all channels for everyone to hear. Ensuring that everyone can take part in the new offers.

Check him out:

If you’ve landed an interview recently, check out interview topics we have a wide range of places to see.  Upcoming Interviewees Click Here

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