New Job Search from Jill Konrath

How is the job search going for you? Most people answer that question with slumped shoulders, soft voice and defeated attitude…

At we don’t believe it has to be this way for anyone…

If you believe this, we at ILMJ would like to introduce you to Jill Konrath, a leading-edge sales strategist, business advisor & author of “Getting Back to Work Faster”

She has a strategy how to approach companies as a peer and not as a job seeker which places the power in your hands.

That’s something we all would love…An employer calling us for our ideas to improve the company or a CEO emailing us to schedule a project proposal meeting.

In her book she gives a detailed guide of how to take your job search from the regular abyss of job boards, classified ads & interviews into nearly a business-to-business relationship.

Are you interested in doing new things in the job search? If so, watch this video of Jill Konrath explaining how to personalize every contact…

In the coming weeks we will present a programs with our Career Doctor Robert Shindell &  Sales Expert, Author & Business strategist Jill Konrath to better explain her techniques…

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