Career Crisis Opportunities

Are you devastated by crisis or inspired by challenge? There is crisis everywhere if you look.  Danger & opportunity work as two partners.  Our choice when the line is drawn in the sand, determines the outcome.  So when the chalk hits the pavement which side of the line are you on?

We all prefer opportunity.  There is natural fear for everyone but opportunity is still possible. A job loss, running behind or job searching present many dangers & opportunities. Many of us know, “Success isn’t determined by the cards we’re dealt, it’s how we play the hand.”

If you don’t believe, I present Peng Shuilin from China.  In 1995, he was in a devastating auto accident that left him without his entire lower half.  This crisis will affect the rest of his life.  Many of us would see the clear danger in the situation.  Peng however sees opportunity from his challenge.

A lifetime fighter, Peng in 2007  was the recipient of prosthetic legs giving him the ability to walk on his own again after over a decade of being confinment to a hospital bed.

In 2009, Peng extracted more opportunity from his crisis by opening up a bargain supermarket.  He now is sole-proprietor with a famous slogan “Half Man-Half Price”. Peng is taking opportunity from the challenge & using it as a chance to increase his stores visibility.

Now that you’v read Peng Shuilin’s story, do you see danger or opportunity in your crisis?

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