Jill Konrath’s Modern Job Search Video #1

Do you ever feel like the process for getting a job these days is a little out dated? Finding openings, writing cover letters & submitting resumes.  Doesn’t it seem like if business has progressed from the barter system that the job search should progress too?

If you think so, I introduce to you Jill Konrath – Author, Career Expert & Sales Strategist. Unemployed her self for nearly 20 years, she has not once wondered how to put food on the table or gas in her car.

She developed her own system that rid herself of submitting applications & she can show you how too.  Instead of the same old process you’ve been taught for years Jill can take you right to the head of the table for a discussion with CEO’s, VP’s & other decision makers who require solutions not simply new employees.

She advocates for a more direct form of career transition. Jill sees the old or traditional way to land a job as a worn out. Instead she speaks of laser focused attention on the companies in which you have interest.

By taking the time to target, research & offer solutions you are not only providing a way to take back the power of your job search but you also expand the network, develop a well-rounded professional reputation & find profitable projects that allow you greater financial freedom.

All of these sound good from me but watch this video & decide for yourself. Watch HERE:


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