Introduction of Tuesday Tips

We believe job search feedback is highly important during career transition. Experience maybe the best teacher but we believe the best substitute teacher is the best answer.  We at over the year have received many questions and we wanted to be to answer questions and give advice to everyone.  We discussed it and decided to develop Tuesday Tips.  A fresh batch of tips every week for the community.   We believe teaching everyone to fish instead of simply feeding is the best strategy and it shows our belief in every person to  learn and achieve every day.

So we are building a library of questions and answers in our data base.  We will be releasing the answers as we receive questions.  If you or anyone you know in career transition and has a question or questions, please feel free to ask away.   These questions will be answered by our Career Doctor.

The link below will take you to a question forum that will be promptly received and read by our team of career experts.  We will make sure that you receive an email when we have a video answer for you.  Thank you in advance for your question and please tell any friends or family who you believe may benefit from us, in any way.

Click here to ask a question: Career Doctor, Robert Shindell’s Visitor Question Area

Click here to see the most recent Tuesday Tip:  Resume, Networking & Interview Simple Tips

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