New Podcast

We are offering two new podcast series for our community.  Monday News & Tuesday Tips.  Both will be released every week from us at

After listening to our members we’ve found people want a comprehensive news report made for job seekers.  The requirements were easy to digest information quickly and without the fluff of traditional news sources.

Monday News will give a weekly wrap up of major news stories.  Eliminating the need to keep a 24/7 channel on in the background.  Why watch the same news on repeat all day? This is a short pit stop for news.

Tuesday Tips give weekly suggestion, tip or piece of information regarding job search.  Whether you need a quick polish on your interview skills, wonder job sectors for growth or need to know how to file taxes during unemployment Tuesday Tips give you an outlet to find these answers.

Conversation is our goal for the community.  We love an input we receive and make sure to read every email. If you would like to offer a topic for us to cover or any area of interest, we would love to hear what you have.

We will have more information in the coming weeks as we unveil this and create access points for you.  Click here to write to us:  CONTACT US

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