Weekly Wrap in Review

This week taxes have been on our mind because they are on your mind.  It’s right around the corner and taxes will be due soon.  We had an article written to help you.

Tax Tips for Those in Career Transition

We always hear stories of people on the verge of foreclosure and it breaks our heart everytime.  It’s hard to help but not be able to change the outcome of someone’s life.  So we wrote an article to help explain a short sale

How to Short Sell You’re House to Avoid Foreclosure

Interviews happen everyday and we wanted to be able to give you a quick guide if you’re outside the interview wanting a little coaching, here ya go.

Ten Interview Rules & Tips for Any Job Seeker

We want everyone to have access to training when they need it.  In a changing world everyone needs new training, so we wrote an article about the US Department of Labor and their efforts to help train american’s out of work.

Training Assistance for Those in Career Transition

Tuesday Tips Podcast for 2/16/2010

In this week’s podcast:

1. Job News Analysis for 2/16/2010

2. About ILostMyJob.com: Clickable Map

3. From the Archive: Tuesday Tips Episode #003

4. Tuesday Tips Repeat: Your Questions Answered

5. BONUS VIDEO: Job Search Letters

Here is a the last link to my Monday Podcast

Motivation Monday Podcast from ILostMyJob.com

We have news to help everyone to know what a job seeker needs to know for the week ahead.

What do you think? Have your read these articles or watched these videos? What do you like, what do you not like? What should we do different?

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