Where are the jobs of the future?

Future job growth is a huge concern for any job seeker.  Knowing where jobs will be for the next 20 years can give you an opportunity to move cities or start transitioning over to a career in demand for the next 2 decades.  Well thanks to Mint.com, we have an opportunity to peek a little into the future.

As you look below this map allows you to interact and see jobs for the future.  Have fun and enjoy the map, it’s nice to see, especially if your city is on the map.

(Ok, I couldn’t embed the map.)

Here is a link to the job growth predicted by Mint.com – Where are the jobs of the future?

www.iLostMyJob.com/Monday – Monday’s Job Seeker Podcast Especially for You

www.iLostMyJob.com – Your Career Transition Resource

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