How Do You Rate Your Performance as a Job Seeker?

How do you evaluate your performance as a job seeker? Do you have a way to see if you’re making progress? How do you know if you’re living up to the duties expected of a job seeker?

Sadly for everyone involved, there isn’t a metric or boss to help job seekers keep on task and developing for their next opportunity at landing a job.

Well a fellow job transition specialist Hannah Morgan, a professed Career Sherpa wrote a very interesting post on that exact topic. How do Job Seeker Rate Performance? (I’ll link to it at the bottom of the post.)

Here is an excerpt from her post stating job seeker duties, ”

  • Develop new and manage existing relationships
  • Ability to perform prospecting on the phone and in person to build a
    pipeline of opportunities
  • Increase contact volume and enhance your image in the local community”

Simply to name a few.  It’s well written and gives the job seeker a way to measure, observe and constructively criticize their own performance.

What do you use to measure your job hunting performance? Do you see what duties you perform to be a good job seeker and where you need to improve?

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To Read More of the Career Sherpa’s Post about Job Seeker Duties, Click Here

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