Would your social network get you hired?

Online job searches aren’t simply sending out an email to a hiring manager.  At least not for the jobs of the future.  It isn’t that some jobs aren’t still simple but based on new position postings in large companies, our social network matters now.  If you don’t know check out this article about Best Buy’s position that requires 250+ twitter followers.

Companies want to see how many followers, connections, friends and photos you have online.  For the companies it’s about our social networks and if we are an influencer. If you work for coca-cola and have a large network of friends, it’s worth coca-cola treating you especially nice so you tell your friends about how great the company is.  Not only is that free advertising for the company but it’s a great positive conversation about their brand, peer-to-peer.

That’s what’s huge.  Peer-to-peer brand exchanging.  Well it’s called social media now.

Imagine two candidates with identical resumes.  But the difference when the employer does an online check is that Candidate A has 100 friends and Candidate B has 1,000 friends.

Who do you think will get the job?  Would you hire someone based upon their social network or would you not care about their social networks?  If everything else is the same…

If you have any questions about the online job search, Ask the Career Doctor Robert Shindell

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