How do you cook your resume?

Cooking isn’t any different than writing a resume.  Each dish we cook needs different spices.  Every resume is written for a specific job and company.  When you think of the outcome of adding or not adding a spice it comes down to the right fit.  How will the spice fit with the others spices I’ve already added?  If it doesn’t fit, don’t add.

Resumes are the same because you write them specific to the job.  You would write a different resume for a job in an IT firm, hospital or restaurant.  Between users, patients and patrons you’d have probably a 85% difference in resume.

So write your resume simpler.  Don’t pressure cook it.  Make sure it’s ready for the position.  If necessary speak with a resume expert or writer.  Especially if you haven’t written a resume before or haven’t written one for 5+ years.  Add the right spice to the right dish.  That way everyone is happy.

Leave a comment about how do you cook your resume? What have you cut off your resume to make it fit to 1 page or to show off other skills or experiences?

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