Springtime Thaws the Job Search

Now that spring is in the air do we know how to restart the job search? Shake off the winter frost and start getting back out there. Here in Minnesota it’s been cold.  I mean cold and people do actually forget what it’s like to be outside.  We especially forget how it can be awesome to be out of the house.

With spring this week it’s time to rethink our job search.  Do it like KFC, rethink.

Get up, get moving and get out.  Think out of the box.  Push for new ideas and restart the engine.

Reevaluate your networking groups, contacts and jobs on your radar.  It’s time to think big picture.  What goals do you need to set for this summer to be how you want it?

Take this week to plan out what spring will mean to you.  It’s only 3 months but it’s the perfect time for you to realign your goals and get what you need done.

What do you need to get done? Can you see the steps you need to achieve your goals? What is your big goal?

If you have any questions regarding a goal ask the Career Doctor: Ask the Career Doctor

For job search help check out ilostmyjob.com – Your Career Transition Resource

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