3 Techniques to Job Search Hiring Employers

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all we looked for were employers who were hiring? That’s what well spend hours on the internet looking for and tracking down. A hidden job board or a private posting. It’s not that we don’t believe that the public jobs are possible but we know that any hidden job we hear about will probably be won by us!.

Well I’ll try and give you few ways to find hiring employers.

1.) See who has profits!

Large companies that are traded as stocks will show if they’ve been profitable or not. The market will tell you how well they’ve been doing. Look at their past year for stock price. It will rise and fall based on projections and outcomes.

2.) News of expansion, acquisitions or mergers?

Use Google alerts and read the news. If you hear the company has plans to acquire companies or expand it’s operation they are investing and will probably be hiring in the future. Mergers aren’t a guarantee the company is doing well but it could be so check out companies in the merger process too.

3.) Product Announcements

Companies with new products will create a ripple of jobs.  If it’s a consumer products it will have accessories.  A business product will need support systems and consulting.  This are opportunities to get hired or find new niches to leverage and use knowledge for profit!

This is a start.  This will tell you who is probably hiring.  Joining linkedin groups, going to networking events and getting contact with employees is the next step…Do you want a blog post to help you do this too?

To start these techniques:

  1. To find stock prices check out Yahoo Finance
  2. Set up Google Alerts for the companies of interest
  3. Read the news and alerts to find product announcements.

More Questions for me to Help You

Do you want to find companies that are hiring? What have you done to find them?

What else would you like to compliment this blog post? Do you have questions about anything related to this post?

Please comment and tell me what to do to help you better…

To ask a job search question please: Ask the Career Doctor

For job search information check out: iLostMyJob.com

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