Do you know how to control an interview?

Our control of a situation in our lives varies day by day.  As a job seeker our children, spouse or family give us the greatest amount of control, it’s stable with them.  As a job seeker it feels like our careers have no control and we are spinning…

We feel nearly helpless.  That helplessness doesn’t need to exist.  We can take back the control.  Much more than we have right now.  First, we must address what’s different so we understand why we feel so helpless.

Think about it.  In all other aspects of your life we have a choice.  That choice is to compromise. The world would be different if a company compromised with every person who landed an interview.  Getting an interview would mean almost always getting some work.

The difference is apparent.  You can get more compromise back in your interview.  Want to two ways to get control?

  • Get to know your interviewer

Read about them on linkedin, find out who they are, were they went to school, their back ground and if you can through talking with other previous employees.  Find out about their work history in the company.  Maybe they were in sales and developed a great team and then were asked to help in hiring.  That would be valuable info if you were interviewing for sales.

  • Bring a proposal.

Do you really want this job? Do you think you would be good at it?

If you answered yes, then why don’t you have a plan for the first month in the job? Bringing a proposal plan if even only to talk about.  If you print it as an actual report that would in the office you can bring more credibility.  It shows initiative.  It’s drive companies want from you.  You’re job interview isn’t a job yet, so make it a job by bringing actual work!

For many more ways to gaining control and get the edge in an interview there is a Webinar this week on April 15 th 2010:

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Selling Yourself in an Interview
How to Separate Yourself from other Job Applicants

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