Is the Census a Good Career Move for You?

Monday Podcast:

The US government is still beating the drum to hire people for the census.  It’s an obvious choice to target UI benefit recipients.  But is taking a job with the census your best career decision?

Think about it?

Census pays approx. $17 an hour.  Or $35,000 a year. So you’re pay after taxes is $510 a week or $1,020 every two weeks.

What if your unemployment is around $400 a week? Your previous job paid tons of money and your unemployment is the highest you can receive.

Well if you leave the job with the census & can’t find a job, your unemployment will be based upon your last position; the census…

Then suddenly your payment drops to $275 a week.  What do you do?

This is all hypothetical but it’s something to think about.  So if you’re looking at a job with the census, remember, it is only temporary and you need still look for a job.

Now what do you think?

If offered, would you take a job with the census?

If you do want a job with the census, you have to answer this question from an employer, “Why Should I Hire You?”  – For this answer click here: Answer Why Should I Hire You?

Interview tips for job seekers


  1. I have heard that most of the census jobs are less than 6 months in length. I believe most people do not realize that a job must last longer than 6 months to recharge your unemployment.

  2. Most Census jobs are extremely temporary: under 2 months. Not enough to affect your long term unemployment.

    And most are for the enumerator position. A part-time (under 30 hours/week) job requireing maybe a month of work.

    I’m a crew leader for my district.

  3. Miss Christina Denise Thomas
    1715 Southwind Drive, Nashville, TN 37217
    Cell: 615-337-9714 or Email: [email protected]

    PERSONAL OBJECTIVE: I can work with people at various social and professional levels. I can offer your company reliability, initiative and a positive attitude. I work well individually or as part of a team effort. I have personal commitment to providing quality service and excellence to both my employer and their clients or customers. I am motivated and well organized.

    EDUCATION: ● High School Diploma, Antioch High School
    ● Associate Degree in Science major Business, Draughons Jr. College
    ● Notary at Large for the State of Tennessee
    ● Certificate of Completion in Comprehensive Word Perfect
    ● Case Management/Electronic Case Filing System (CM/ECF)

    10/05/82 to present ● Legal Assistant – Greater Nashville Area Attorneys
    05/30/07 – 11/06/09 ● Legal Assistant – Worrick G. Robinson, IV 615-726-0900
    03/09/05 – 05/30/07 ● Legal Assistant – Travis Hawkins 615-599-1010
    06/00/03 – 10/02/04 ● Legal Assistant – Ruth, Howard, Tate & Sowell 615-256-1125
    10/00/01 – 04/00/03 ● Legal Assistant – Blackburn & McCune, PLLC 615-254-7777
    02/21/01 – 05/00/06 ● Legal Assistant – Phillip W. Duer 615-301-4800
    05/22/00 – 09/28/01 ● Legal Assistant – Bill Easterly 615-244-2222
    06/09/97 – 05/20/00 ● Legal Assistant – Adams, Whiteaker, Robinson, 615-726-0900
    07/01/92 – 06/07/97 ● Legal Assistant – Martha Beck 615-226-9000
    10/05/82 – 01/14/89 ● Legal Assistant – Bart Durham 615-242-9000

    ADDITIONAL EMPLOYMENT: Judy Oxford, Stanley Snodgrass, Richard Braun, Thomas Bowers, Charles Niewold, Larry Hagar, William Underhill, Edward Fowlkes, George Duzane & Carol Soloman, Aubrey Givens, Andrew Blackwell (deceased), Earl Roberts, Todd Jackson, Alf Adams, Meyers, Truck & Caster Sales, H & R Block

    JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Perform complete legal assistant functions for attorney, requiring knowledge of form, procedures and specialized terminology. Responsible for preparing documents for court filing and/or service; transcription; maintain files, responsible for calendaring, trial preparation, keep attorney aware of upcoming appearances, due dates, or changes regarding same, schedule appointments and meetings, make travel arrangements. Heavy client contact requiring discretion and judgment. Heavy contact with lawyers judges, court personnel, court reporters, doctors, nurses, and the general public. Skip tracing, data entry, and implemented investigative procedures.

    SKILLS: Proficient in transcription, typing 70-85 per minute. Electronic Case Filing System (CM/EFC), Word Perfect 5.1, Comprehensive Word Perfect, Corel Word Perfect Suite 8, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Scheduling Software, i.e. Attorney Amicus IV, Abacus, Billing Software, i.e. Time Slips Level 1-11 and 12 and Juris, Collier Bankruptcy Program, Excel Quicken, and Internet


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