Is your state recovering?

April 2010 saw a rise in home sales over the previous month.  More homes were purchased as the recovery begins a long recovery process.  A clear sign the economy is expanding & not retracting.

In a few states government programs have been created to subsidize lost wages & keep employees off unemployment benefits.  Illinois is a great example of this program.  Putting Illinois Back To Work is program enacted by the governor Pat Quinn.

Question for you: From your perspective, do you see the economy growing? What signs do you use to see the recovery might be working or isn’t working?

For more details about this program you can listen at the top or watch a video version of our podcast here:

Interview tips for job seekers


  1. Well in Tennessee things have a habit of turning aroun d slower than most parts of the country but when you add an estimated 1.5 billion in recovery cost from the flooding it is really hard to determine at this point if it is a good or bad thing. Only time will tell.

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