Do you know the workforce investment board?

Do you want to know what you’re state could do to improve the community?

Look no further than New York…

This week New York’s WorkForce Investment Board was in the news as they took actions to improve green education in their community.  The counties of Herkimer, Onedia & Utica are working together to promote an upgrade of green skills.

The WorkForce Investment Board’s focus is developing brown fields in their local area.  The focus is rebuilding housing & infrastructure in sustainable green methods.

The training program will provide opportunities for the local community to impact their environment & make lasting impressions for future generations.

The training program is a 12 week course of over 200 hours.  The course will focus on health & safety training, fork lift operation & lead/asbestos abatement. In these communities there will be 9 sessions. Starting in the Fall – Recruiting is beginning soon.

To see the video version of this podcast: Motivation Monday News from Around the Nation

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