Labor Shortage!

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Hard to believe? 30-40% of all jobs in the social sector will be vacant by 2018?

There will be more jobs than people to fill them.  This is the finding from a Northern Boston University.

Sounds preposterous? Well read what Professor Barry Bluestone & Mark Melnik, a Ph.d candidate at Northeastern looked at demographics & job forecasts to concluded:

When the nation comes out of the current jobs recession – and this may take two to three years – we will begin to see spot shortages in labor markets. If the economy continues to improve, the spot shortages will become more general, and we will experience the shortages our research projects. By 2018, with no change in current labor force participation rates or immigration rates and an expected return to healthy economic growth, we will have more jobs than people to fill them.

Are you getting ready for the hiring.  It’s already started to take place.  April alone added 250,000+ jobs.

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