Should the gov’t extend unemployment to a 5th tier?

Studies have been done, numbers have been crunched & on both sides people are claiming to be right. ¬†To extend unemployment to a 5th tier or to let them end? That is the question…

If you don’t know what a 5th tier would mean, it would be benefits beyond the 4th tier which equates to 99 weeks or nearly 2 years of unemployment benefits. ¬†This is in states where unemployment is above the national average for unemployment.

When you’re on unemployment, there are studies that show you will stay unemployed longer because the incentive to find a job just isn’t there.

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  1. I know this costs the government a lot of money, but it is such a lifeline to many right now. The job market just has not picked up sufficiently to employe unemployed over 6 months. Many of us in this situation will NOT get hired by the lower-end jobs, either because we are “overqualified” or because they are not hiring either. Without continued unemployment, there were be a huge second wave of mortgage defaults, bankruptcies, defaults, and even homelessness as people have no other choice.

  2. I have been out of work since Nov 08. At first I thought no problem – a snap to find a job. My resume included my College Degree, now it does not. I am over & under qualified, I am too old. I am told I am lazy, because I am still on unemployment – I would rather have my unemployment that equates to less than minimum wage, pay for my own medical insurance. I never have liked the Republicans, but I am not thrilled by my own party especially Sen Baucas and Ms Pelosi, they just can’t open their eyes and hearts to see it is needed, they are worried about the other guy.

  3. Joyce-
    Do you find that you get more interview calls by taking the degree off your resume? Just curious. I can’t bear to do that yet, because I just got the degree.

    When people say you are lazy because you are still on unemployment, remind them how you paid about 40% of your pervious working income in taxes! I know I sure did! I was single, so paid FULL rate with no deductions (no kids). I used to hate it and felt like us singles were given the shaft. Now I don’t feel quite so bad, because I need that help that my tax dollars paid for all those working years.

  4. Don’t take your degree off your resume, I wouldn’t if I just received it and it depends what the job is, that I apply for. Government jobs degrees are needed for higher raise. Also my degree is in Anthropology & Poli Sci – hard to land a job with those credentials. It is depressing though – My experience is in accounting & taxes and though I have great experience – no accounting degree.

    Good Luck.

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