Can the US compete with Germany & Japan?

Job Seeker Radio:

Manufacturing in Germany & Japan is hands down the best in the world.  Not only do they pay their employees well but their products are high priced & high quality.  This type of manufacturing is a bit of an anomaly in the US as companies do all they can to cut the bottom line generally starting with the employee compensation or benefits package.  US companies don’t generally see the value in paying employees well unless the employee is upper level management or shareholder.

Instead of a competitive market for manufacturing, US companies have found it cheaper to simply ship the production to China or India.  These countries have less regulation, pay their employees (significantly) less & have a much tighter hold on their employees lives.  Which makes it harder & harder for other US manufactures to compete if they want to pay fair wages.

It’s becoming harder & harder to find goods with the printed words, “Made in U.S.A.” instead now we’ve traded high quality “home-grown” goods for lower quality, cheaper trinkets which are virtually disposable because of their cheap quality.

This is a huge concern as the US Government moves forward and tries to stimulate recovery in the manufacturing sector.  The question now lies with you as a consumer:  Are you willing to pay a higher cost for goods to ensure they are manufactured in the USA? Or do you want the cheapest goods possible, as capitalism prescribes?

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