Are you trying new attention tactics in your job search?

Job Seekers, recent grads & college students looking for internships are all getting more creative in their search for employment.  Not only do they need to find a job but now it’s important to stand out in less than 5 seconds or less.  These people know unemployment isn’t going down anytime soon & bills are still due.  Apparently,  polled hiring managers reported 22% saw more unusual approaches to getting attention when comparing 2009 to 2010. It’s a huge jump up considering that in 2009 only 18% reported seeing these type of tactics employed by the hopefully employed.

These types of tactics are creating results.  More candidates are turning to unconventional tactics and finding success.  These tactics do not always work and need to be very well calibrated but, if done correctly anyone can show their creative side.  It must be remembered that professionalism is hugely important when doing anything purely to attract attention.  If done correctly, candidates are remembered for what they can offer an organization & not just for an unusual attention grabber.

9% of all hiring managers reported hiring someone from an attention grabber tactic.  Many of them reported similar tactics:

  • Candidate brought a DVD of his former boss giving a recommendation.
  • Candidate applying for a casino table game position came into my office and started dealing on my desk while pretending to talk to players, which showed me her guest service skills.
  • Candidate sent in a letter that explained how to solve an issue our company was having with a certain type of technology.
  • Candidate who was a prospective teacher brought in a box of props to demonstrate her teaching style.
  • Candidate came prepared with unique business cards featuring our logo and a self-introduction brochure.
  • Candidate wrote a full business plan for one of our products with his resume submission.
  • Candidate created a full graphics portfolio on our brand.

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