Can You Talk About Yourself?

Many times people want advice before an interview & wonder what is #1 mistake many interview candidates make? Not talking about themselves enough! It can seem odd, yes of course.  But if you don’t speak about you, who will? The interviewer doesn’t know you…that’s why they wanted an interview…to know you better.  If you do not talk yourself up, it will be hard as heck to get them to know you.

Use a Mirror to Practice for an Interview

If they never ask the questions, “What can you offer us?” or “Why should we hire you?” Then yes you probably won’t have to directly talk yourself up.  Yet, if they don’t ask these questions, you might be able to get the hint you’re not getting hired.

Whatever you feel about talking yourself up, it doesn’t change it’s importance in landing a job.  Your resume spoke so well of you the company wanted an interview with you.  They appreciated your “paper” qualities & believe you’re worth the time to investigate.  Now turn on the WOW! It’s your interview & your chance to win the job.

Enter the interview with that mindset.  The confidence of already passing the 1st level test.  Talk about your accomplishments, successes & potential.  Use quantifiable facts based upon achievements & goals for the future.  This will make your “paper” qualities come alive!

If you have trouble finding the specific reasons why someone would hire you, ask a family member, former coworker or friend to list the top 5 qualities they seen  in you.  Then start learning new ways to explain them.

It’s time to feel silly.  Sit in front of a mirror & talk to yourself about your qualities until you feel natural.  If you can’t look at yourself for that long, speak with a friend & ask them to give constructive criticism about how you explain your talents.  The more you practice the more it becomes a permanent belief & more believable in the interview.

Once you’ve done all this practice and you’re at the interview the easiest way to ensure the confidence flows is to try and relax.

  • Breathing deeply and slowly (and quietly, of course).
  • Sit up straight and don’t cross your legs or arms.
  • Speak slowly and pause for breath often.
  • Keeps your hands and jaw relaxed; no clenching.
  • Smile — it really is contagious!

If you’ve done your practice and you follow those tips to keep cool, calm and confident then your words will flow and talking yourself up will come naturally.

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  1. Great post.. a lot of information that every interviewer needs. You are right in that the interview is happeneing because the company liked what they saw on paper and the interview is the time to expand on that.

    Just to clarify, job seekers need to talk about themselves in context only of what they will do for the company, what assets do they bring, what accomplishments can be expected of them. They can even talk about themselves in respect to what professional goals the job will fulfill.

    Talking about yourself does NOT mean talking about the kids, the dog, your vacation and certainly not about what’s in it for them. Do not ask about salary or benefits or how big your office is going to be!

    Thanks for letting me comment!!

  2. Hi Diane,

    Very great comment. You’re so right. It’s not about talking like an arrogant person. It’s all about talking like a confident person. A person who knows their skills, know how to get things done & what they can do to get it done in the position.

    A huge different between arrogance & confidence.

    Thank you for commenting. Tell your friends.

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