Top Tips for Job Hunters: Questions to Get the Job

Use three extra job interview tips to climb to the top of an interviewer’s ranking: 1.) Educate yourself about an organization. 2.) Communicate effectively. 3.) Plan for answering key questions.

  • Understand the Organization

If you’re being interviewed would you expect an open ended question about the company? Of course! If you did your homework, you can answer confidently about products, people & processes. If not, uhh…yeah. It will sound something like that. Play a role reversal in your mind. If you interviewed a candidate who knew very little about your organization, what would you think about that person’s interest in the job?

If you have a problem, here is two solutions:

1. Find someone with insider information. If you connect with someone close to the organization, this person can be an important primary resource

2. Do sleuthing: If you know where company people hang out for lunch, you may pick up information by lunching there one day.

  • Work on your Communication Skills

Communicate in an interview to flip the balance of power in your favor. Use these two solutions for managing your part of the interview:

1. Establish rapport: Rapport is your gateway to an easily landing during the interview. It allows you access that others might not have during the interview. If you can get mutual interest between you & the interviewer take it. Breaking the ice is wonderful, just don’t smash through & get left in the cold.

2. Listen reflectively. About 75% of a surveyed population saw themselves in the top 10% of people with the best communication skills. That, of course, is impossible. Try to be in the top 10% of people who listen actively. Few people listen well & if you do, you’ll get noticed.

  • Make Most of The Interview

There is nothing wrong with taking a moment or two in an interview before you respond to an interview. But, if you hold a blank expression it might show you can’t do the job effectively. To an interviewer who already believes you can do the job if you freeze in an interview, it can be a little odd when you can’t even answer the question, “Where do you expect to be in 5 years?”

So before you make it to the interview be sure of two things:

1. Know your strengths. What do you have to offer the organization? This is where your self-study pays dividends. If you are confident about your career track, your problem-solving skills, and your ability to produce results, illustrate these strengths with examples.

2. Know where you are vulnerable. It doesn’t make sense ducking sticky points with yourself about yourself. If you’re not prepared to answer questions about issues at your last job it will be clear in the interview. Don’t let it happen to you.

Be happy you an interview, trust us…it won’t be as bad as this one:

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