Should I Ask For The Interview?


I’m doing an out of town job search and the recruiter from one of my target companies finally called me to schedule an interview. I am paying for my own plane ticket to get to the interview. This is a large hospital so they have applicant tracking software that allows you to see what you status is.. (not qualified, under review, referred to hiring manager, etc).

I have several positions that have been “referred to hiring manager” but no interviews have been scheduled. Would it be bad form to ask the recruiter to inquire with said managers as to whether or not they might be interested in interviewing me while I am in town?

Short answer yes, “Ask for the Interview

Long answer, if you have any reason to be in the area and it’s an expensive flight, yes you need to make sure you use the time wisely.  Usually, we don’t recommend letting someone else be in charge of your job search, recruiters included, but this is a special trip.  The interview is only a part of finding a job.  If a company is willing to interview you, they already like the idea of you working for the company.  So make sure to speak up.

The question is did you apply for multiple positions inside of a large company? If so, it’s very possible you’ll be dealing with multiple recruiters.  A overpriced computer system doesn’t mean there is true communication.  If anything it means less people are paying attention and expecting the computer to take over for them.  So make sure to know you need to speak up and tell recruiters you want an interview.

So, go ahead and e-mail or call the recruiters your working with and say, “I’m going to be in your town on Friday, August 27th, and I’ll be available in the afternoon.  I was wondering if I could set up an interview on that date?”  This is absolutely acceptable behavior.

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