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Writing a resume is dangerous for any modern job seeker.  Don’t believe me? Well then why are people scared to write a resume?

The fear is because a resume has changed drastically in 30 years.  1980-2010 brought us a modern resume.  A digital age resume.

In this digital age a resume needs 3 specific keys to be successful:

  1. Hide gaps in unemployment
  2. Tell instead of show
  3. Position specific keywords

These 3 keys are important because in 30 years the modern career has changed drastically because:

  1. People switch jobs frequently
  2. People leave industries regularly
  3. A more competitive job market

These factors changed the resume.

Now writing a resume scares people into paralysis.  Ever leave someone to write a resume, comeback 45 minutes later & they haven’t even outlined anything? Has it ever been you?  It’s not uncommon.  It’s frightening to think of all the ways you could mess up a resume.

Well what if you’ve written a resume & now you don’t know what to do?

Even more common.  You’ve written a beautiful resume, accompanied by a glorious cover letter but it sits on your desktop screen.  It’s staring at you, whispering how marvelous a writer you are and about your grand career.  Yet you’re stuck with a resume & only one or two job openings.

You want to share this piece of job seeker gold with the world, don’t you? Well now you can! Take the resume and put it in 10,000 hands in 24 hours!  Share your resume, story & amazing career with 5,000 people in under 24 hours.

Use to triple your network in 48 hours.  No matter the size of your network it’s important to expand it.  Looking for a job today means competing against 6 other job seekers.

Beat the 6 other job seekers to the recruiters & get noticed for the jobs before anyone else has a chance.  Use –

Not only has been around for over 10 years and helped thousands of job seekers land a job, it’s a widely accepted way for recruiters to receive resumes.  Personal friends who are recruiters have told me, “It’s a perfect service for anyone not directly applying to positions or anyone who feels like they’ve missed all the quality opportunities in their area.”

Don’t believe me? Check out the article on about

E-Mail Your Resume to 1000's of Headhunters!

If you’re having trouble writing a resume, has free resources to help you write like a pro!

  1. Do I Delete This from My Resume or Not?
  2. Crash! Boom! Bang! (a.k.a. 5 Big Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Working)
  3. Do you know how to get a recruiters attention?

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