Want more money & a lower unemployment rate?

Do you want a way to lower your unemployment rate?  Well there is a proven & trusted method to lower your unemployment rate. It starts with getting an education.  In this post, there will be facts & figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Aug 2010 Unemployment Rate Broken Down Based Upon Education

  • Less than High School Diplomia – 11.4%
  • High School Diplomia – 10.3%
  • Some College or Associates Degree – 8.7%
  • College Degree & Higher (Bachelors) – 4.6%

For a complete list of the unemployment rate based on education break down click here

Notice the Historically Lower Unemployment Rate

Business cycles run their course and the economy goes from expansion to recession—but regardless of whether the economy is booming or contracting, an inverse relationship exists between education and unemployment: more education is associated with less unemployment. In 2009, the unemployment rate for workers with college degrees was 4.6 percent. The rate for workers without a high school diploma was 10 points higher.

Unemployment Breakdown for People over the Age of 25 Based on Education for the Last 17 Years

Looking at these numbers it’s easy to see how getting an education can significantly help you in your short-term job search and long-term career.

Notice the Historically Higher Earnings

If you think what people say about higher education leading to higher earnings is a cliché, you might want to consider that sometimes clichés are true. In 2009, the median weekly earnings of workers with bachelor’s degrees were $1,137. This amount is 1.8 times the average amount earned by those with only a high school diploma, and 2.5 times the earnings of high school dropouts.

Median usual weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers 25 years and over by educational attainment, 2005–09 annual averages

Looking at these numbers it’s pretty easy to see how you can raise your wage & lower your unemployment rate.

Use this information to get a handle on what you need to do regarding a new job.

Many people find themselves looking for classes in their area to help land a new job.  Investing in your education can pay back dividiends over the short term and long term.  What decision will you make?

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